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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 26, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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thank you for joining us. have a great day. new pole released today show that president obama is wrong to blame his rapidly descending popularity on racism. those poles show the president's sinking job approval numbers are directly tied to his poor performance on the issues that matter most to americans. i'm lou dobbs. good evening, everybody. the president's job appval rating is under water and two new poles show a growing discontent with his policies and
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administration. a brand new survey finds president obama with a 40% approval rating and 54% disapproval rating. a new fox pole finds that a stunning 62% dislike the president's policies with only 34% approving. the disapproval of his policies has risen 11 points since he was re-elected. president obama has blamed racism for his plunge in popularity. he td the new yorker magazine that, quote, there's no doubt that there's some folks that just really dislike me because they don't like the idea o a black presint. a closer look at the poles show that people are souring on the president because they view that president's performance on specific issues to be inept and wrong headed. in the pole, more people disapprove of mr. obama's handling of the economy by a
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17-point margin over those who approve and by a whopping 21 points in the fox pole. an even larger margin of disapproval on his handling of health care, by 23 points, and again by 21 points in the fox survey. the administration's policy shift on iran has his disapproval 8 points greater than his approval. a margin that grows to 18 points in the fox pole. this a trend you would expect the white house press core to inquire about after the president's dwif sieve racial comments to new yorker magazine, but nott a single request from the white house press core for comment during jay carney's aring hour-long briefing. perhaps they already new the answers. the supreme court taking upun
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rights this morning. at issue, whether legal gun owners have the right to sell weapons they own to another person who can legally own firearms. a decision expected by the court in june. conservatives firing back at new york governor andrew cuomo for saying extreme conservattves haveo place in the state of new york. cuomo claims now that his remarks were taken out of context. sean hanty sees no reason to say in the empire state. >> i can't wait to get out of here, i really can't. i can't want to pay their ten percent state tax anymore. live in the second highest property tax county in the entire country in nassau county. i can't wait to sell my house to somebody that wants it. i can't wait to pay no state income tax down in florida or texas. >> louisiana governor bobby jindal wasn't letting that go by. sean hanty couldn't get away with ignoring louisiana, the
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governor extending an invitation and will allow them to find ref rouge in louisiana where the tax rates e a lot lower. ken cuccelli urging chris christie to step down from his role as chairman of the republican governor's association. cuccinelli said current investigations into christie's alleged political misconduct will hinder his ability to campaign. joining us now is co-host of the five on fox news. you think this is sour grapes? >> i do. i think cuccinelli is upset with chris christie. he's upset that chris christie when he was running the republican governor's association didn't funnel enough money to cuccinelli's race in
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virginia, lou and that's why he lost. that's not why he lost. it is sour grapes. look, until we see this scandal or bridgegate hit the governor directly, his position with the rga solid and i think he's doing a great job. >> it struck me that here we go again, why can't republican shut up, if a republin is in trouble, and kind of -- i don't know -- act like they're in the same party instead of like they want to eat their own. i mean, this is really, to me, repug nant. it's a violation of the 11 commandment which is as simple and effective a rule as partisan politics can have. >> basically, stop shooting inside the tent. i think thatthat is one of the things that hinders the republican party the most. we're not afraid to eat our own and have these fights over who
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is more conservative. i'm more conservative than you. you're a rhino. you're a liberal. knock it off. democrats do a much better job than republicans of keeping it inside the family. they have to start playing nice and uniting along certain lines. >> with cuccinelli coming out and robert mcdonald, the former governor of virginia, being indicted an 14 counts, he and his wife, this is something that christie really needed to get a little space for himself. obviously the former governor didn't need it but it's not helpful toepublican chances, is it? >> it's not. the media is already going to put forth their double standard when it comes to democrats and republicans. so wendy davis was hardly ever vetted. no oneooked into her past. they allowed her to tell this wonderful story, this welcome running for governor, about how
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she pulled herself from her boot straps and was a single mother in a trailer. she actually had her husband fund her education and then left her 14-year-old child -- >> i get the feeling you don't like her? >> i don't like when women are zaulted for these stories of feminism and we should look up to them. wendy davis to me is a fake it a sugar daddy to get to where ed she needed and threw her kids aside and is encouraging other women to do it, too. i don't think that women should look up to someone like wen davi >> the democrats are manufacturing as they have for some time this war on women. today we see eric cantor, e number three person in the house charging ahead on t march for life. i'm pro life. i do not understand why the republican leadership has to move so far out in front on the
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issue of abortion. it's been decided by the supreme court. it is a matter for conscience, for religious beli. it's a matter of individual what is the profit for a party that can't seem to win an election of late to get involved? >> this goes back to the point about who is more conservative, let's kill each other, let's see where we're decided instead of where we're ited. the social issues are trouble for republicans, and they do it for fundraising and they do it because they're scared they're going to be primaried on the right. th goes back to eating your own and fighting on the right. until republicans get back and unite about one common message, about the economy, the culture, about getting our country back, we're just giving liberals in the media fuel that they alrea have. their tanks are full. we're giving them extra s to write a few more stories and keep it going. >> as this begins you can just
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see almost as if they were vul tours on a telephone line waiting to leap as the republican leadership starts talking about abortion and they start cranking up their war on women rhetoric and campaign. >> they want republicans to take the bait. they really do. republicans ould be smarter about not taking the bait. >> and maybe coming up with an agenda that really gets to the issues, solves the issues of working men and women in this country, our middle class,nd gets to all that matters most to america. >> yes, instead of the social issues. when they're asked about social issues, the one thing chris christie does very well even though he does shoot inside the tent, he says i'm not here to talk about that right now. he takes control of the message and the stories and the media, at least before bridgegate he did, and i think that's a pretty good way to do it. >> do you thk he'll be doing that again soon? >> i hope not, i really do.
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i hope he can just proceed and govern the state of new jersey and if he wants to run he can do it and doesn't have to wry about petty scandals. >> andrea, great to see you. >> thank u. mr. obama is all excited about the nsa. but it's not government spying on our every move on the web. it's some of america's biggest brands in technology. google, apple, facebook, and the list goes on. we examine the real threat of the privacy of american citizens here
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♪ let's talk about the mainstream liberal media. they love to focus on the
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intrusiveness of the nsa but a larger concern perhaps arguably, the often unreported intrusiveness of the big technology companies, e-commerce and social media spying on american citizens. we unwittingly and wittingly hand over our private information t companies whose only concerns are how to profit from the information of the data, meta data and otherwise. google once mistakenly collected data about websites people were visiting. facebook keeps information about status updates people post. apple's new iphones have a feature that allows malls and others to track with alarming accuracy. when we aren't handing over the data about ourselves and our personal lives, criminals are
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stealing it. a cyber security firm announced today it's undiscovered at least six ongoing attacks on american retailers, big ones, whose credit card systems are infected with the same type of malicious software used to steal data from up to 110 million customers of target. there are reports that the breach at neiman marcus went undetected for five months from last july to the end of last year. and people are focusing on the nsa. what's the deal here? we're going to find out. joining us, two folks who can tell us whether big business or big data or big government, which of them is the biggest problem we're facing when it comes to privacy and security concerns. morgan wright, former advisor to the state department's anti-terrorism assistance program is the ceo at crowd source investigations. rob enderly, one of the nation's top tech analysts who has worked
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with some of the best in the industry including ibm, microsoft hp. he's the group president and principal analyst and we are delighted, gentlemen, to have you with us. i want to start, rob, with you. i'm listening to these reforms d frankly, i can't even understand what makes the president think that this will in any way create greater security for the country or those people with data on those files. >> either can i but recognize that it's mostly a p.r. stunt. you do realize that he was in the dark about much of what was going on, so anything that he says about anything that's going on or anything that will go on is probably something you should take with a very big grain of salt. as you pointed out, some of the private companies like google capture an inordinate amount of information. they just bought nest which will
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drop cameras in th home and they are know where you are, what you csume and when you consume it. given their lack of surity it will probably go to a variety of people. there's every right to be concerned with what's going o with private business. >> morgan, the same question to you. why in the world should the president be giving a speech over at the justice department about the nsa and ignore everything that has happened with google, with yahoo! microsoft in china, the relationship with china, russia, other markets, and we're supposed to be trusting these companies with the most personal details of our lives but be all jacked up about the nsa where there hasn't been, as far as we know, a single violation? >> lou, look, i'm a law and order guy. i came out of law enforcement intelligence. i believe in this stuff, but i do draw a line between, although i think it's a problem, there are certain things you can do
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with the private industry but the pivate ciindustry does not spy on the government. the government has spied on the private industry. citizens can choose not to do things, that is correey cannot iphone. if you are in a database for terrorism and the government dedeto focus their as sets at you, there's not a whole lot you can do about it. target will face multiple billions of class action lawsts and the government has a lot of immunity and they don't get the scrutiny that the private sector does.
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. . >> don't we need to have a little discussion here rather than all of these sort of reflective pr stunts as rob put it by our government, town hall with the technology companies and users to say, this is what it's going to be. this is as far as you can go and these are the walls that are going to be established and whether you're government, whetr you are a private company, it's going to end right there. can we do that? >> it's hard to draw bright lines through the internet. we are dealing with shades of gray, not black and white. there are a lot more limits
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apparently you can put on the private sector. there are different rules. we're talking about civil versus criminal, the constitution versus private industry. lou, i think there's a healthy discuss that needs to be had on the mits of privacy and a lot of people because technology is advancing at such a rapid ace, it's outstrippinthe ability of people to keep up with understanding what's really happening with their data, what's happening with their information. if i click on this accept but n button, how many pple read the privacy policy of the sites they're on? it's an education issue. >> it's an education issue and frankly it's a user universe in which i think pepeople don't wa to acknowledge this but i think it's really true and with this we have to conclude. i think it's really true that most people have said once i
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step onto the web i have surrendered my rights to privacy and i have no expectation, whether it be for reasons of inadequate technical knowledge or whether it be the intrusion of many who are so sophisticated they can walk tough every file you own without you knowing it. that's a conversation for another day and let's have it. thank you both for being here. >> thanks, lou. up next, the republican leadershipnd the republican national committee naming their post 2012 election report, the republican autopsy. in my new book upheaval i offer a few prescriptions to avoid the termination. republican party this november. we'll see whether they're listening. that's coming up. if you wear a denture, take this simple test. press your tongue against it, like this. it moves! do you feel ? it can happen with every denture. these moments mairritate your gums.
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i want to talk about the reaction to dismal obama care, the frustration of millions of americans, the facts that nothing about obama care is gointhe way we were promised, and frankly, i doubt that it's going the way that even the most
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informed among the democratic leadership thought it would go. it was just about a year ago that the republican national committee put out a report about the election of 2012, all that went wrong in 2012 and that presidential election. so much went wrong that that report was 100 pages long. it was what they called the report that got a lot of people's attention. the republican leadership decided to call it the autopsy. now, that has a final ring to it, doesn't it? i warned them, by the way, not to use autopsy. i didn't think it sounded quite right. but as i mentioned in my new book, upheaval, perhaps calling that report an autopsy was more of a mistake, phaps not fatal. no more puns. here's what i say in the audio book veron of upheaval. >> they even referred to the report as the autopsy, publicly,
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time and time again. the autopsy basically concluded that the republican party wasn't enough like the democratic party, and therefore fail in the election. if the gop brings similar analytical skills and deduct tif ability to this year's elections, their post election report this year will be entitled autopsy 2. where is the republican leadership with 287 days to go before the 2014 mid-term elections? where are they? have we got the ground game going? is there a big turnout assured? does reince priebus have all those lessoned learned? did we stop the usual suspects from reaching out to the big donors to stir the honey pot for themselves? here's what the same old same old buys the republican
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leadership and republicans nationwide. a recent gal up pole shows just 32% of americans, 32% of americans, have a favorable opinion of the gop right now, -p32%. so how far have they come since the defeat of 2012? that compares to 43% approval right after the big loss in the november election of 2012. things are astonishiny getting worse. republican leaders are not leading, in fact, so let me just say gently, they're hiding and running from the reality that they have created through not one but two presidential election cycles. this will be a further test of your capacity to tolerate leadership that doesn't lead and electioneers who don't win elections. they're not leading, they're n
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pandering. pole after pole reveals it. next up we'll tell you about a betrayal that it seems every issue matters to the republican party, whether it be about government or small immigration policy. can you imagine that president obama whose leadership has been so weak, so pitiful, is in better shape than the loyal opposition, the republican party, which seemingly can't learn from its mistakes? well, tomorrow the republican national committee opens their winter meetings a few hours later than iue in order to allow republican members to attend the annual march for life, and the republican parties using abortion to stoke enthusiasm among its base that may not even be represented at that winter meeting. i'm sure you've caught the irony that the rnc whose biggest
11:31 pm
publication is called an autopsy will be ignoring common sense and good counsel by making the march for life its incipient event. now, i'm pro life but i'm also pro american. as i discuss in the book, upheaval, republicans must understand that wedge issues such as abortion, gay marriage, set it aside for the good of the party, try to win an election. it would be easy enough to say the reblican leadership is consigning the party to another defeat tis november, but as i make clear in this book, it's you and me responsible because we're permitting these -called leaders to make the same mistakes over and over and put money in their pockets. that's part of the reason i wrote the book. it's for thinking people, not for your average republican leader. so, please, pick up an audio bo copy of upheaval on itunes,
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walmart, kindle, it's everywhere. that makes me happy because you and i have a lot of work to do. up next peace talks unraveling before they begin and president karzai demanding to negotiate with the outfit that we went there to destroy, the taliban. that's here next.
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the iranian nuclear deal taking effect today with world powers and the white house promising to begin easing sanctions. in return for cutting the enrichment of uranium, iran will be able to retrieve over 4 billion dollars in revenue frozen oversea and resume trade
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in gold and other precious metals and will indeed have begun to go to an estimated $100 billion in over assets that have been frozen. joining us former pentagon official and fox news national security analyst k.t. mcfarld and ralph peters. let's go first to the united nations extending on invitation against the wishes of the united states or against the wishes of the obama administration and then today withdrawing it after they heard so many protests. >> you kind of got to wonder maybe the united nations leadership is taking a page out of the obama playbook, first we're for it and then against it. it looks chaotic. the bigger take away is now iran is going to become the alpha dog of the middle east. they're in the dominant position. they're going to call the shots, whether it's with iran, relations with syria, whether
11:37 pm
it's the entire persian gulf region. >> the military power of that equation, ralph, ishat disturbs mos of us, i suppose. my guess is why would israel tolerate this? it seems to make no sense at all for their security interests. >> past a certain point, israel will not tolerate it. but israel has been abandoned by the president obama administration. all the talks raised in the intro, the common thread is iran. you've got karzai surrounded by pro iranian advisers. in syria as well as sanctions, tehran has managed to do exactly what they set out to do. they are dividing the west. they got the u.n., u.s., europe all disagreeing. they split the syrian opposition away from agreeing with the u.n. it's an absolute mess.
11:38 pm
but tehr is brilliant. as far as the remark in the new yorker obama made about al qaeda being the junior varty. the junior varsity team is the white house and they' not playing for the seahawks. >> this analogue, this met for about junior varsity and kobe bryant, it's so, to me, absolutely inefable to describe what a condescending, pat tronizing, simplistic expression of his foreign policy. >> it fits right in with the whole campaignledge. al qaeda is on the ropes, we got osama bin laden. al qaeda is finished. in his mind it's over. and yet, this is the j.v. that's running circles arounn him, whether it's the boston bombers,
11:39 pm
benghazi. the j.v. is bigger than the entire varsity team and they are eventually going to take over the varsity. >> the last thing i want to do is go into his construction of that metaphor. you ha putin in real trouble it appears for the security threats posed by the terrorists in his country, the so-called black widows, four at large, and another group as well, the white widow within the grounds at sochi within the olympic village, ralph. is this drivenby iran? is there any possibili of that? the confusion over syria, it's as if everything is going iran's way. >> it's certainly going iran's way but this is not being driven by iran. iran may be supplying some bomb-making material. but the chechens, the people of the caucuses are the subject of
11:40 pm
the on the oh,man empire and they identify with the turks historically. right now they're a classic sunni islamist. there are stories about the caucuses muslims fighting russia. thisoes back hundreds of years, this isn't new. these are tough cookies and if any terrorists can get through it's the dog astanys and the chechens. >> as we look at all of this playing out, we have a president who has said that he sees government as so large, so vast, that it is a machine over which he doesn't quite grasp the levers, doesn't quite know where the throttle is at a given time, and has no compass apparently. >> i've never seen a president who gets into office and he's been in 8 years and he still thinks he's on outcider.
11:41 pm
who is in charge? i don't know about the irs going after conservativists. i don't know about benghazi. who is in charge? if he's thinking about his legacy, he doesn't have a whole lot to show for it. >> that's not true. he's got a legacy. he revived al qaeda. >> there's always obama care 2.0. >> to support k.t.'s point when it comes to inequality, he's really running against his first five years in office when he does so. it's extraordinary. ralph peters, thank you for being here and k.t., thank you for being here. up next the president, well, he still does not accept that it's his performance at issue for millions of americans. mr. obama, your failures are your own, your inability to take responsibility is your own. we'll take all of this up with
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that we were going to get some insight into the president's thinking, and when we need thinking about thinking, we turn to none other than dr. robi ludwig. joining us now, dr. ludwig. i'm excited to talk to you because i can't believe what this president said. >> yeah. >> that the reason his approval rating is down is because of race. this is the president of the united states talking. >> i know. and when i was reading that, i was thinking, if he's telling himself that, then he wants to make himself feel better. there are going to be people who dislikhim because he's black. that's just a fact. having said that, that is not
11:46 pm
why he doesn't have the approval ratings that he once had, because people will make exceptions even if they are racist, even if they are prejudice. they'll say i may not like the group, but this one sine person, in this case it could be obama, he's the exception. >> juan williams talked about victimhood and i hadn't thought about it in those terms, an expression of victimhood because government is beyond his control. he didn't say that in so many words but he said clearly that it's beyond his control, that he feels like he's hanging on there. that's very troubling talk. >> that's very frightening. it seems like it's very honest. >> i give him credit for that. >> yeah. it was vy honest, and that seems to be his trouble, that he has good intentions without the ability, at least i think he has good intentions. i don't think he's a bad guy, but he's unable to execute his
11:47 pm
intentions and he's unable to help congress come together, so one could see where he would feel powerless. in some cases he's right. >> his chief quality here seems, as we watch him being fully revealed over the course of five years, seems to be a likable fella. but you say the same thing about con artists. they wouldn't be very good if they weren't likable, right? >> i have to say though, he appears to be a man with decent family values. he came from a family that in some ways was unorthodox. he chose his wife because he liked that she came from a traditional family. he seems to want to be a good father. so i think his heart is in the right place. listen, politicians always have that slick component. but i think he's a person -- >> only the best ones. >> only the best ones, right. he seems to have good taste. abraham lincoln was his favorite president and he realizes that
11:48 pm
he's nothing like him which is also a little disturbing. >> what drives a president, anyone really, to say that something like pot is a lot better than alcohol? he weighs into an argument for which -- >> somebody who didn't go to medical school, clearly. if you are abusing a substance, then you're abusing a substance. clearly marijuana is not healthy. i mean, it's not good for the lungs. it's not recommended for those wh-- >> we want to apologize for all who are watching in colorado and washington right now. >> there's medicinal marijuana that's different from the marijuana that people use and abuse on the street. they're not one in the same. >> when you look at what is happening to addiction in this country and look at, whether it's pot, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, we have a problem here that isn't being addressed by the sta government or the
11:49 pm
federal government adequately. for the president to weigh in on this level, what in the world? >> i think he's trying to play middle road, right? it's become legalized in certain states. i think he did point out some truisms about it. but listen, you don't want anyone to abuse any substances. >> he's a good guy, a fine fell low with good intentioned but he can't lead. >> he's not eective. he's not ready for the job or doesn't have the right characteristics for the job but i'd like to have lunch with him. >> robi ludwig, thank you so much. list wiehl is here to talk about your new
11:50 pm
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we're back with lis wiehl. her new thriller is entitled snapshot. based on real events, a photograph as you see in the upper right-hand corner of the book's cover taken by her father during a 1965 civil rights march. a terrific book. i have begun the book. it's enthralling. >> thank you. >> that day, what started all of this? whwhat motivated the book? what inspired the book? >> my dad took me to this procession in 1965. he was there to quell anything that would happen at the march. it was supposed to be a peaceful march though. the actual march was peaceful, but from those pictures that he gave me, he looked through all of these pictures through the
11:54 pm
kennedy era and he was going through his fbi memorabilia and he handed me these photos and i looked at this picture of this two little girls, one white, one black, they don't notice what's going on behind them. this is fort worth, texas, and there was a lot of tension. >> that little girl is lis wiehl. from that -- i don't know how much you want to reveal, but you talk about trying to find this young girl. >> yes. >> tell us about that. >>n the real book i do find her. in the book i find her. in real life i have not found her. i would love this find this little girl, obviously now all grown up. i'm hoping that inputting snapshot out there and putting the picture out there, that we will find each other after all these years. that was really an amazing moment of those two little girls at that marcand from there of course i create a whole story.
11:55 pm
>> and that story is in part a story about race. >> yes. >> i think everyone would like to know what you think of where we are in terms of race. we've hearfrom the president. he thinks that race has softe d softened, as he put it, his popularity. what's your view? >> when i look at 1965, being transferred around as an fbi brat, it's a completely different world as far as race relations go. is there still racism? absolutely. >> do you know any of them? >> ion't really, i don't. >> i have not heard a single person speak even i racial terms, frankly, let alone racist terms. i think that's true of -- as far as i know it's true of all of america. i know there is an obligatory racism still exists.
11:56 pm
it may but not in my world. >> and i wouldn't be friends with people or around people that have those kind of attitudes. i just wouldn't do it. >> what do you think when a president has been elected twice, a black president, talks about race holding him back? >> it's almost hurtful because when you look at that picture and you think about what was really going on in the 1960s in the deep south, that was trouble. that was racism. people were getting lynched. >> people of both white and black colors put their lives on the line every single day to achieve great things. i just find it amazing that some will try to take on the mantle of the heroic stature of those leaders. >> and who were leading a movement. those were the days of the kkk, the worst racism in the world. that's not true anymore. >> the book is snapshot and it's
11:57 pm
a beauty. we recommend it highly. available everywhere. that's it for us tonight. please, i've got a book, too, don't forget. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow nig friday night, buddy. you are gonna need a wingman. and with my cash back, you are money. forget him. my airline miles will ke your game worldwide. what i'm really looking for is -- i got two words for you -- re-wards. ♪ there's got to be better cards than this.
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>> now a paid presentation for meaningful beauty advanced by cindy crawford. >> with special appearances by debra messing. >> valerie bertinelli. >> christa miller. >> and stars from tv's royal pains and the mentalist. >> hosted by network tv correspondent katrina szish. >> brought to you by guthy-renker. >> hi, everyone, i'm beauty and style journalist katrina szish on location in beverly hills. in just a few minutes we'll meet one of the most beautiful women in the world, supermodel cindy crawford. at age 45, cindy still looks impossibly young and gorgeous. oh, my god, she's just stunning. her skin is just amazing, and so i feel like now i have a chance.


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